220 Online Poster Store (Retired)

A retired project I ran over spring 2014.

Hello! My name is Tom and I am a student at the infamous university of Falmouth. I study graphic design (obviously) and I love everything type. You are probably wondering what a student is doing selling posters online. I mean, how the hell do I even afford to run a project like this? Well, firstly, when I moved to university I hated my room. I mean, it was okay, but it was so dull I couldn't imagine spending a whole year living in such an uninspiring and featureless place. My first idea was to cover my walls with designer typography posters in swanky minimal frames, but nowhere seemed to offer what I was looking for and I struggled to find anything especially smart or original. Realizing that there must be hundreds of other like-minded people in similar situations, I decided to set up an online service supplying all the posters any discerning lover of design and typography could ever hope for. As for the small matter of how a student could possibly afford all this, let's just say I have two jobs and no grants!

Contributions from:
Mash Creative
The minimal design helps draw the audience attention to the posters. The decorative font used for the header image and logo is F37 Bella, you can find it here. The social icon (below) is a brighter, shorter alternative to the main logo, it helps attract attention through the colour and because it is shorter it conforms better to the square 'profile picture'.
All of the images used on the site are custom from photography students I live with (with the superb directing from myself) and a helping hand from another friend. At university we are privilidged enough to be able to access photography studios for free! The thumbnail images were created by laying a piece of clear plastice over the posters and photographing from above. All images where then put into photoshop and retouched by me.
OFF by Snask
London Underground by Mash Creative
Japan by Family
Star by Hey Studio
Metro by Hey Studio
Fold by Hey Studio
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