Creating systems and order within my life to achieve greater efficiency gives me satisfaction. I believe this is what drives my passion for design, as Victor Papanek describes “Design is basic to all human activities - the placing and patterning of any act towards a desired goal constitutes a design process.” 
Although being analytically driven within a creative field may be unconventional, I find strong visual thinking helps me to explore creative opportunities and realise them through an apt understanding of spacial awareness for visual elements as well as a consciousness for current design trends.

Aside from my affection for design I have an obsession with lifting weights, a dedication that has grown steadily over the past five years. Committed to training for most of my adult life has taught me valuable lessons and ultimately has become an integral part of my life. Additionally I hold a CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification allowing me to offer basic training.

Computers & Technology
I also like to spend time, and money, upgrading my computer, learning the skills to effectively address any faults that occur. I enjoy overclocking and pushing the limitations of the hardware and customising parts to make it visually pleasing as well as functional. Interest in consumer technology in general is something that I like to engage with.

Owning a motorbike comes with its fair share of risk, yet riding since the age of 17 I have also had some of the best times on two wheels. In the summer I enjoy riding with friends in the South Downs.

When I was younger I was made aware of entrepreneurship and all the money and wealth that (potentially) came with it, I was captivated by the sense of independence and 'breaking the rules'. During college I created a t-shirt brand and in my first year of university an online poster store, I also wrote my dissertation on the Design Entrepreneurship. Today I have a less naive approach to entrepreneurship and believe that shifting my focus to the areas of life I enjoy the most as apposed to 'chasing the dream' will lead me closer to success.
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