University Project.

Devise a visual identity system for Bitcoin and consider how this could be used to repostion and promote Bitcoin for everyone.
Bitcoin is a revolutionary virtual currency, it could be a real answer to some of our biggest economic problems. Sadly however it is relatively unheard of and many people are unwilling to use it as they claim its ‘too risky’. In a way this is correct, because the bitcoin market is relatively new it is still highly unstable and the market has fluctuated significantly within the last few years. To make Bitcoin more stable more people need to use it. The challenge was to create a visual solution for Bitcoin that will help promote Bitcoin and encourage people to try it. 
Bitcoffee is the name of a revolutionary coffee shop that aims to encourage people to try and use Bitcoin. It is a friendly exciting experience which uses coffee as platform to explain the way in which Bitcoin works. The design is fun and enjoyable in an attempt to rekindle interest from the uninspiring design of Bitcoin before.
The illustrations were the main driving force of the brand, it was very important that the brand was friendly and I feel the illustrations do that succinctly. They also inspired the typeface and colours. 
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