Bulletproof Workshop: 'Manspread' Jeans

A one day project creating a brand and packaging from a millenial term.

Created during a university workshop ran by packaging and design agency Bulletproof.
These jeans are designed with the man who likes to let it breath. The jeans operate efficiently in high temperate climates where things can get somewhat 'toasty' in the nether reigons. Featuring the built in ventilation zips (much like that found on ski salopettes) the Manspread Jean allows the wearer to spread and dissapate that heat.
Logo Design
The design is based around communicating the advantages of the ventilation zip. The zip is a key feature that continues throughout the logo and the packaging. The logo underwent various iterations until an aesthetically pleasing mark was achieved. Targeted for men the logo uses bold, masculine colours and shapes.
Packaging Design
The packaging conveys thoughts of fresh air with a clever use of transparent design (using the jeans as the sky) and rolling outdoorsy hills to contrast. Once again the packinging is opened via a zip action at the top of the tube allowing users to pull out the jeans.
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