University self initiated project 2016.

Flux is a piece of software used to dim the screen and give it a reddish hue after dark, this visual effect allows the individual to use their screen late at night without having detrimental effects to their sleep.
The problem I see with Flux at the moment is its lack of direction and message. The website and social media lacks a personality that people can engage with. The brand language clearly conveys the science behind the software and why it can help you but the visual elements are lacking.
The rebrand was the central aspect of this project however this was broken down into four key areas of the Flux story.
Firstly was raising awareness for Flux, making people aware of the problem of blue light and sleep and directing them to the website.
Secondly the Flux brand had to educate individuals on why blue light was bad, explaining some of the surface level science behind these claims so that people could understand how Flux was a solution.
Thirdly was explaining the solution, describing how Flux worked and how you used it as well as the benifits of doing so.
Finally and the last part of the user journey was downloading and using the app, which from prior investigation, required a redesign as previous solutions had been too cluncky and over-complicated.
Raising Awareness
To raise awareness of Flux I decided to try and provoke people to think about the consequences of not getting enough sleep. Further more the idea of flow diagrams tied in well with semiotics of science, software and flux.
I used the flow diagram communication visual across three print posters and also in an interactive form whereby the user could engage and make choices within the flow diagrams.
Explaining the process of why blue light is bad for sleep was also done via the online platform. I used a slideshow type of experience to communicate the science accompanied by illustrations in the flux brand style.
To help people understand what Flux does within the website was this interactive piece where people could move the slider and the applicataion would respond. There was a second page to this application explained what melanopic lux was.
The final part of this project was redesigning the application, this was to keep it in the same brand style as well as making it simple and easy to use.
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