Metropolis 001

Personal artwork.

An astronaut on a distant planet, upon seeing a vibrant glow in the distance, peers over the rockface to discover a huge beautiful metropolis teeming with lumiscent life. The galaxies and stars of the night sky colours the city with vibrant hues of red, blue and purple.
Metropolis 001 is a photomanipulation artwork, the theme is the discovery of a futuristic city on another planet by astronaut. Made just for personal fun and to explore more of photoshop and improve on recognising light within images. Created from all stock images found on deviantart and unsplash.
Deconstruction of the final image by removing select layers in three stages, there was plenty of trial and error between each of these stages as well as colouration and filters. The surface is actually created from a recoloured sea image, it gave an unusual look when recoloured.
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