University Project.

The enquiry began with a collection of mail that I had received addressed to other people that I had not passed on. This personal collection formed the foundations of what became an exploration of the workings of the Post Office.
It was immediately obvious that the system in place is archaic and has many flaws. The sheer amount of delicate information I had of other people posed a serious problem. Aside from the initial problem of the person not receiving their post, there was also privacy issues and a general lack of efficiency when it came to posting mail.
My self initiated brief was to provide a solution that successfully tackled some of these key areas.
Use technology to enhance the Post Offices capabilities and to improve efficiency. Also help move the company in a modern more eco-friendly direction and maintain its position as a popular form of communication.
Bringing in people of all ages by making it easier to post mail but also leaving the traditional system untouched in order to ensure older generations could still post the same way.
MyPost is an evolution of the Royal Mail system to make it easier and safer to use. The backbone of the solution is to move the Royal Mail online with a user database, notably this will allow people to send letters with just a username, update their address and send post without the need for a physical stamp.
The application, on both mobile and web, is where the user begins on the journey of using MyPost. The user is required to set up an account within the application choosing a username, setting security details and providing their current address. Once the user is set up they can access the following features -
• Username 
• Change Address
• Buy Postal Credits 
• Find out information/prices of parcel sizes
• Notifications when post is sent to you
• Block Senders
• Hold Mail (away from home)
• Contact List (link with phone numbers/facebook/email etc)
By engaging the user on a digital automated level it has a number of cost savings which can be reflected back to the customer through reduced priced postage.
An extension of what is possible when a digital system is integrated. The Automated Postbox will allow users to send mail without a stamp (something which is very outdated), shown to the right is a step by step guide on how the system works. Essentially it will allow a speedy interaction between the user and eliminate the need for a member of staff. The post box will have a built in measuring system which will automatically produce a cost for the user.
Inspired by elements of the Chevin typeface already in use by the Post Office the icon set seemed a logical graphical element for a project which is highly digital based.
I am happy with my idea and think it provides a genuine solution to a real problem. I feel the design which I did complements the current Post Office well however it was not very graphically challenging as the outline was already put in place (fonts, colours etc).
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