Past and Present: Philosophy For Everyone

University Brief for The Royal Institute of Philosophy.

Publication The Royal Institute of Philosophy are planning to produce a publication to be distributed at the Past and Present lecture series event. You have been asked to submit proposals for the event that captures the spirit of ‘The Past and Present best lectures’ (transcripts of the lectures, additional content from non-attending contributors, biographies, quotes, etc.). It will be aimed at the people attending the event, but also to other key individuals and interested parties, and will therefore open up the market to a wider audience. Your proposal can be as broad or as focused as you feel is appropriate within this remit, but must be sympathetic in concept & design to the audience.
First and foremost, it has to function typographically. There is a variety of content for you to consider, with each section having a specific role to play, as well as needing to feel part of the whole. You will need to consider our core three themes; Content, Readability & Structure – incorporating suitable graphic devices such as grids, and your choice of typeface(s) as well as how you use space within the composition and the pace of the publication itself. Think about the physical size, materials used, etc. and importantly, how the information is structured, and typographic hierarchy imposed to help the overall success of the design. 
Concept: Neutrality

Neutrality is key to everything philosophy, it is fundemental that when experiencing other peoples views and opinions that you must remain unbias and disengage from any previous conceptions on the topic. My publication aims to convey these messages through its aesthetic, notably the heavy tracking and the typeface which gives the publication a light, open feel.
Poster continues with same theme as publication.
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