Teffont Wines: Liqueurs

Placement project at Fix8 design for Teffont Wines.

​Teffont Wines had approached Fix8, a company I had a short placement with, to rebrand their liqueurs in order to position them within a more stylish contempory audience. 
Teffont Wines had a wonderful homemade feel about them which I wanted to carry through with the rebrand, some key words that defined where the brand currently stood were:
- British
- Handcrafted
- Affluent
- Heritage
I created three unique label designs for the liqueurs and considered extensions of how the label design may influence the brand and the advertisement.
Style 1
A typographic approach that took influence from old english newspapers. The initial designs had some problems with the hierachy of the infomation on the bottle but for this final revision 'liqueurs' and the flavour were deliberatly enhanced to help the audience identify what the product was instantly amoung other homogenous products.
Style 2
A more traditional approach, the other two designs would have been very difficult to implement without a full brand overhaul of the entire company. It made sense to create a design that would set a baseline, when I think of Teffont Wines as it is today this is what I see. This solution would perhaps not be so ideal for repositioning the liqueurs into younger audiences.
Style 3
A big leap from the previous two designs and provided a colourful, standout alternative with a clever labelling system. In an effort to 'tone down' the design san-serif typography was implemented to draw connections to the traditional narrative of Teffont Wines. Criticism of this design was that it in someway feels too dessert like, I felt the drip accents bring about associations of sauces.
Teffont Liqueurs within a bar environment.
Drawing inspiration from the first style, branding and logo concepts.
Thanks for looking, and thanks to Fix8 for the opportunity.
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