Venture Travel

University module.

Countries in the Middle East, such as Afghanistan, have so much to offer from breathtaking natural beauty to thriving culture and stunning architecture. Some of the oldest civilisations originate from these parts of the world and the lands are rich with heritage and stories of ancient times.
Negative stereotypes of middle eastern countries, Islam and cultural behaviours have had us led to believe that these are terrible and dangerous places that are too risky for any kind of travel. While it’s true that conflicts in some of the countries have made certain locations very dangerous this is not the case for all areas and many parts of the middle east welcome the tourism as it brings money into their local economies.
Above all else the opportunity to travel to the middle east is the first step in breaking down barriers between cultures and religion, seeing and meeting people with different beliefs and ideals, interacting and truly understanding others views and opinions is the best way in creating tolerance through tourism.
Persuade people to explore tourism in the Middle East to break down barriers between cultures.
Provide an online booking platform which integrates elements of social media and blogging. Work the system into an app as to allow people to share their experience while on the go. Further more develop Venture as a travel brand that conveys the importance of tourism in the Middle East and in other negatively portrayed countries.
Venture Travel is a service which uses travel and technology to enable broader understanding of Middle Eastern culture which can be brought back to Western countries to create tolerance.
Design Direction
Inspired by the Islamic alphabet and existing logos which were targeted at western consumers but introduced an Islamic edge. The colour scheme was derived from the arid landscape coupled with the natural rocks used in Islamic architecture. 
Bringing together the two alphabets into one logo help convey messages of two cultures coming together. The Arabic world, then translated into western set the stage for the rest of the design elements.
The core of Venture is the website, which allows users to embark on their own discovery. The aim of the site is to provide potential customers with inspiration and knowledge about planning their next travel. To compliment that a range of physical products have also been created to supplement the brand.
Digital Implementation
Technology played a major role in the strategy of Venture. One of the main goals of Venture was to ensure that people shared information about their experience in order to teach others and spread understanding. Social media and blog platforms on desktop and mobile platforms offered the perfect solution. This allowed travellers to post about their experience as well as allowing potential travellers to get an idea of what Venture was all about.
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